Nerello Mascalese

Nerello Mascalese


Nerello Mascalese is a wine with a very dark ruby red color and an aromatic but delicate perfume. On the palate it is intense, quite tannic and elegant. It is a full-bodied wine with an important, rich, structured and acidic taste at the right point. On the palate mainly hints of red berry fruit prevail with interesting spicy aftertaste. Thanks to a modest amount of polyphenols, it appears transparent to the eye. Nerello Mascalese wine goes perfectly with mushroom-based first courses, better if porcini, then with risotto, tagliatelle or ravioli, or with meat-based sauces; it is also a perfect wine to pair with mixed grilled meats, including pork sausage, red meat or horse meat. It can be served as a wine for combinations for an aperitif along with cured meats, aged cheeses or with an intense flavor. Soft, enveloping, full-bodied.


Additional information


Wine with protected geographical indication - Terre Siciliane, obtained from grapes grown with the "biodynamic method of agriculture" in accordance with Demeter production standards;

Production area:

Entroterra collinare della Provincia di Trapani.
Il territorio in questione presenta un altitudine variabile dai 350 e 450 m s.l.m., una giacitura collinare, che, insieme all’esposizione favorevole dei vigneti, concorre a determinare un ambiente adeguatamente ventilato, luminoso e con un suolo naturalmente sgrondante dalle acque reflue, particolarmente vocato alla coltivazione della vite. La natura silico-calcarea, la tessitura e la struttura chimico-fisica dei terreni interagiscono in maniera determinante con la coltura della vite, contribuendo all’ottenimento delle peculiari caratteristiche fisico chimiche ed organolettiche del vino in questione. Anche il clima dell’areale di produzione tipicamente mediterraneo con precipitazioni concentrate nel periodo autunno-inverno e siccità per i restanti mesi dell’anno, sono tutte caratteristiche che si prestano ad una viticoltura di qualità;

Grapes used:

100% Nerello Mascalese;

Training system:

Espalier with guyot pruning, with about 4500 plants per hectare and an average production of 120-130 quintals / hectare;


Its ripening is late, so much so that the harvest takes place at the end of September, according to the climatic trend of the vintage. The grapes are harvested in the coolest hours of the day;


The harvested and selected grapes are immediately taken to the cellar to be destemmed and crushed. Subsequently the must (consisting of juice, pulp, skins and seeds), is transferred to fermentation vessels in stainless steel where the "fermentation" and "maceration" takes place at a constant temperature around 20 ° C for a period ranging from 6 -8 days. After maceration, maturation it continues in stainless steel tanks for about 4 months before its bottling and aging in the bottle;

Alcohol content and serving temperature:

13% vol. / 18 °C.