Who we are


a balance between man and the environment

BIOGAIA was born in the heart of the Belice Valley in the Province of Trapani, on the hills planted with vineyards and olive groves of the Medieval City of Salemi, a land rich in sun, traditions and flavors. The name comes from Bios which in ancient Greek means life and Gaia which is the name of the patron goddess of the earth and fertility.

The BIOGAIA project originates from the great passion of three farmers, to make their work an act of love for the land and for man.

A p é r i t i f ® w i n e & s p i r i t s w p t h e m e ®

The biodynamic agriculture practiced by the founders of BIOGAIA aims to restore the balance between man and the environment.

Meticulous work on the choice of raw materials.
Respect for nature and animals.
Certified organic, biodynamic and vegan food products.
Safeguarding people's health.

Biodynamic Agriculture

An ancient way of working the land, but innovative because it considers the fertility of the soil, biodiversity and the environment, common goods to be returned with an added value to future generations, guaranteeing excellent responses from the agronomic point of view and the quality of the products obtained.

To obtain healthy productions, the earth, plants and fruits are not chemically treated, but protected and supported thanks to the synergy that all the elements of nature and the cosmos can determine when not attacked by foreign, invasive and polluting agents. Respect for the normal vegetative cycle, the effect of the seasons and the phases of the moon, the use of traditional agronomic treatments of the best agricultural tradition such as green manure, crop rotation and the exclusive use of natural fertilizers, allow to obtain the best from mother nature respecting man and the environment.