Ruby red with lively violet reflections, referring to hints of red berried fruits with notes of dried flowers, soft, enveloping, full-bodied. Whole meal wine, ideal with game, aged cheeses, cured meats and cooked meats;


Additional information


Red table wine, obtained from grapes grown with the "biodynamic method of agriculture" in accordance with Demeter production standards;

Production area:

Hilly hinterland of the Province of Trapani. The territory in question has an altitude ranging from 350 and 450 m a.s.l., a hilly position, which, together with the favorable exposure of the vineyards, contributes to creating an environment that is adequately ventilated, bright and with a soil naturally draining from waste water, particularly suited to the cultivation of the vine. The silico-calcareous nature, the texture and the chemical-physical structure of the soils interact in a decisive way with the cultivation of the vine, contributing to obtaining the particular physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the wine in question. Even the climate of the typically Mediterranean production area with rainfall concentrated in the autumn-winter period and drought for the remaining months of the year, are all characteristics that lend themselves to quality viticulture.

Grapes used:

Blend of red vines;

Training system:

Espalier with guyot pruning, with about 4500 plants per hectare and an average production of 120-130 quintals / hectare;


From the first ten days to the end of September, according to the climatic trend of the vintage. The grapes are harvested in the coolest hours of the day.


The harvested and selected grapes are immediately taken to the cellar to be destemmed and crushed. Subsequently the must (consisting of juice, pulp, skins and seeds), is transferred to fermentation vessels in stainless steel where the "fermentation" and "maceration" takes place at a constant temperature around 20 ° C for a period ranging from 6 -8 days. After maceration, maturation it continues in stainless steel tanks for about 4 months before its bottling and aging in the bottle;

Alcohol content and serving temperature:

12% – 13% vol. / 16 – 18 °C.