Organic Black Lentils

Organic Black Lentils


Black lentils are a variety of lentils of Sicilian origin and are appreciated for their high nutritional value. They are harvested in the summer months for winter consumption.

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The harvesting season is in the summer in the months between June and August depending on the climatic conditions;

Best month

All the year;

Nutritional properties

Black lentils have a high nutritional value and contain around 23% protein and 14% fiber, more than other lentil varieties, with 51% carbohydrates and only 1% fat. They have antioxidant properties and are a source of proteins and complex carbohydrates; they are also rich in iron, phosphorus and B vitamins. Compared to common lentils, black lentils contain a higher percentage of proteins and fibers and a lower fat content. They do not contain gluten, so they are also suitable for celiacs;


325 Kcal per 100 g of product;

How to store

Keep the lentils in a cool and dry place and consume by the expiry date shown on the package;

Main Cooking Methods

These lentils do not require soaking and cook in about 30- 40 minutes of boiling. They go very well with fish-based dishes, or prepared with a little fried onion, tomato and served on bruschetta of hot bread flavored with garlic, it gives all the taste of the warm land of origin;

Doses per person

80 g of cooked lentils;


The doses per person refer to the product already cooked. Calculate half for the dry product; cleaning by hand is recommended.